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The book has been released for a week now and I just received my first box of books Yesterday morning. I am happy to say that they are gone already! I was excited to see a 9 year project finally come to a close. Now is the Ministry part. I have a lot of ground to make up. I have lost a lot during this life changing experience but gained so much more. 

Writing this book was the hard part. While in jail for the 8 1/2 months I was able to send home journals of at least two pages a day of what happened while I was there. Most informed of the ministry that was happening around me. But the hard part was the life that I was thrust into. During the writing I had to read all the letters that I had sent home to ensure that everything was accurate. If I did not have an accurate account of it I did not put it in the book.  

I will be doing some speaking events and want to make sure that I can inform of my whereabouts to everyone for prayers and support. 

Please spread that word about this book and let me know how you liked it. I am interested in putting together a Workbook that I can use for those incarcerated and in treatment facilities. 

Through all of this I have learned that the scriptures are alive. They speak to us and when we are willing to listen with our hearts God does amazing things in our lives. I doesn’t matter what kind of situation you are going through, in the end it is your attitude that determines that out come. 


God Bless!!!

Scott H. Hudnall (The Preacher Man)

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